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Restylane® Contour

Dermal Filler


* Patients Results May Vary.

Goldfingers Aesthetics is proud to offer patients well-known and highly regarded injection techniques in facial harmonization and facial contouring using the collection of Restylane. On June 29th, 2021 Restylane Contour was FDA approved in the US for cheek augmentation and correction of mid-face contour deficiencies in adults over the age of 21.

Goldfingers Aesthetics offers Natural Cheek Contour with Restylane Contour to patients searching for a contoured cheek without over volumizing the treatment area.

Restylane Contour

What makes Restylane Contour different that all the other dermal fillers?

The simple answer is it's a unique blend of viscosity and flexibility which results in a very soft and natural cheek look. Restylane Contour is a perfect new addition that adds a new ability to allow expert providers to help their patients achieve very natural mid-face contour and still look very harmonized and not stiff when smiling.

How Long does Restylane Countour dermal filler last?

In clinical trials, 98% of patients were satisfied with their result 1 year after their procedure. Patients treated with Restylane Contour required less total volume injected to achieve optimal aesthetic results. The average injection volume used in clinical trials to achieve natural results was 4.26ml or around 4 syringes. Please remember that individual results may vary and the exact volume to be used can only be determined at the time of in-person expert consultation.

Can Restylane Contour be combined with other cheek fillers like Restylane Lyft or Juvederm Voluma?

All of our injectors are well versed and comfortable using different types of dermal fillers in our everyday practice to always help achieve supernatural results with a combination of dermal fillers to achieve the best and highest result. We offer complimentary consultations at all four of our locations across the state of Florida to patients looking for a more youthful appearance.

Does Restylane Contour really work?

98% patient satisfaction at 1-year follow-up likely means it's good. Yes, it was tested in 15 clinical centers around the US and it has been safely used for over 1.5 million procedures worldwide to date.

Do Restylane Contour injections hurt?

Absolutely no. Both microcannula and needles can be used for the injections and in both cases, the product already comes with an anesthetic called lidocaine to minimize any potential injection discomfort.

What is the difference between Restylane Contour and Juvederm Voluma?

The main difference is in the crosslinking and viscosity design. Juvederm Voluma is designed to lift and hold its shape while Restylane Contour is designed to lift and contour and be flexible and allow for a natural facial expression and softer cheek contours.

How long has Restylane Contour been approved?

It was FDA approved on June 29, 2021, just in time for supernatural summer cheeks.

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